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                               President Worthn speaking.



BYU Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards

2016-2017 Employee Achievements


Inspiring Learning -President Kevin J Worthen

BYU Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards

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A Vibrant and Determined Community of Learners and Lifters  -President Kevin J Worthen

Quest for Perfection and Eternal Life -Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb

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The Why of the Y -President Kevin J Worthen

A Consecrated Faculty -Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb

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Meekness and Greatness -Cecil O. Samuelson

The Meek Will He Guide in Judgement: and the Meek Will He Teach His Way -Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb



How Are We Doing? -Cecil O. Samuelson

A Unique University in All of the World -Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb



Now and the Future -Cecil O. Samuelson

Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish -Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb